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Dare To Care Records is a Montreal-based independent record label. Since its inception in November 2000, DTC’s mission has been to offer a catalog of very high artistic quality. The company focuses on supporting its artists’ development and helping them shine in Quebec and throughout Canada as well as worldwide. DTC works with artists such as Malajube, We Are Wolves, Kandle, Marie-Jo Thério, Socalled, The Last Assassins, Pawa Up First, Stereo Total, and Sevens Project ( DTC also has a French branch, Grosse Boîte, which works with Tricot machine, Jean Leloup, Coeur de pirate, Avec pas d’casque, La descente du coude, Les soeurs Boulay, Fanny Bloom, Jimmy Hunt, Bernard Adamus, Panache, Les frères Goyette, Canailles, Fred Fortin, Gros Méné, Les Appendices, and Le husky ( The label also publishes the materials and produces the shows for most of its artists and is responsible for the management of Tricot machine, Coeur de pirate, Fanny Bloom, Les soeurs Boulay, and Bernard Adamus. Furthermore, it is the booking agency for Alaclair Ensemble and Solids.