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The Montreal, Quebec based band CLAASS is no stranger to music that evolved out of a zero compromise DIY ethic. The trio formed in 2007 as an experimental side project to explore new sounds while also tapping into their inspirations from the past and present. While not relying on nostalgia, the sound of CLAASS has been described as an electronic / post-punk blend with somewhat of a dance sensibility without confinement.

Gathered together out of mutual appreciation for certain sounds, aesthetics and ideals, band members Alex Ortiz, Vincent Levesque and Jordan Dare comprise the main components of CLAASS.

Well recognized for their dynamic live performances, the trio has been known to shift from desolate sound scapes and thoughtful melodies to nerve disrupting, electronic noise assaults. In 2010 the band took to the studio to record their debut Ep “Smile At The Void”. Driven to capture their ever changing moods, CLAASS used the recording process to experiment beyond their initial goals musically -- constantly moving forward, the pulse of CLAASS is growing.




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CLAASS - Smile At the Void (sortie digitale)

While pushing the envelopes of experimentation and sonic exploration, CLAASS unveils a brand new universe to its listener. The sound of CLAASS has been described as a perfect blend of electronic and post-punk music, while keeping in its dance music sensibility. The songs on its new EP follow each other relentlessly as the energy never lets up. Purveyors of a sound that is sombre, multidimensional and melodic, CLAASS now unleashes its hypnotic beats and undulating intense sounds on the world.