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In 2012, Malajube began to slow things down before they eventually took a break. Since then—and even more so since 2013, when he started working full-time on his new project—Julien Mineau has been busy with Fontarabie, a new vesperal pop album. With music as a cause and remedy to fear and anxiety, Mineau locked himself in his Sainte-Ursule home, far from tours and stress. In this seemingly haunted house, he initiated several collaborations and quietly developed new tracks during intimate sessions with Simon Trottier (Timber Timbre), Benoît Rocheleau, Patrick Lavoie, Julie Fontaine, and Virginie Parr.

Experimentation was at the heart of this hazy process and the orchestrated atmosphere that can be heard in horror movies served as the only guideline, leading to 14 new tracks wrapped in strings, brass, and woodwind. The inception of some of these dates back to 2009, a time when they did not fit well with Malajube’s sound. All tracks were reworked to include celesta, a cross between the piano and the glockenspiel. This tinkling, vectorial instrument was notably used by Tchaikovsky for his otherworldly, mysterious trademark sound. Through this lush collection of angelic yet tormented tracks, between giallo and reverie, Mineau’s shortbreathedly seeking the light, exploring the throes of dread and hypochondria, hunting under water as well as in the sky, fighting foes that have since become his friends. No demos, no pre-prod, no singles, just a whole lot of creation—the fruit of fertile musical collaboration, a plural symphony, the redemption that comes with comfort and remoteness.




Publicity : Marianne Drolet-Paré

Press & Radio : Claudie Jalbert

Booking : Julien H. Maheu

Publishing : Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon


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