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Stereo Total

« It’s punk, it’s rock’n’roll, it’s modern music!! »

Stereo Total is Brezel Göring’s and Françoise Cactus’ love affair. First with all things subversive and then with each other. They met in 1992 in a Berlin bakery. She was playing with the Lolitas, an all-girl French garage r’n’r band and he was more of a one-man-noise-experimental-samplin’-copyright-ignoring-band, a project he called The Sigmund Freud Experience. Together, they cooked up a mish-mash of their previous outfits, sans copyright infringement. Their first recording was music played over Françoise reading a recipe, with sexual references and double-entendre. This anthology piece is long-lost, so bid on it if it ever comes up on eBay. As albums and years went by, the duo did many collaborations with a ton of artists, including Angie Reed, Iznogood and members of Jeans Team and Der Plan. They released 7 albums since 1993: Oh Ah!, Monokini, Jukebox Alarm, My Melody, Musique Automatique, Do The Bambi and Paris <-> Berlin. They toured everywhere. And by everywhere, we mean everywhere: North and South America, Japan, Russia, Europe, Scandinavian countries, China and Turkey. Their music also travelled quite a lot, and was released through numerous labels, including Kill Rock Stars in the United States. In Fall 2009, they released an exclusive album on Dare To Care Records, filled with their greatest French songs, unreleased material and amazing Quebec covers.

Their international appeal may be explained by how Stereo Total sings in more languages then the apostle spoke tongues, but also by the universal feeling to their music: everyone finds themselves in this special brand of don’t-give-a-fuck, subversive, feminist (Françoise Cactus-style) pop music.

Françoise Cactus: singing, guitar, drum
Brezel Göring: singing, guitar, kyboards, Trautonium, electronic creations




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Stereo Total - Baby Ouh!

Here comes “Baby Ouh!” with its own look: hysterical glamour. The sound: playful, experimental. The lyrics? R’n’r’: romantic and rebellious. Stereo Total recorded a total of 40 songs for this album. So, not to strain your nerves, only 17 will appear on the album. Also included are a few cover versions of Stereo Total’s idols (e.g. Brigitte Fontaine from France and Pedro Almodóvar from Spain). Additionally, many guest musicians contributed, real superstars in the Warholian sense: Gina d’Orio (Cobra Killer), Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof), Miss le Bomb, Becky Ofek (Boy from Brazil), Can “Khan“ Oral, Anton (Die Dreipunktbande), Albrecht Kühner (Das Barock-Orchester), Irma and Lou Schiller (Der Kinderchor/The Childrens Choir) – their mother gave them permission – and even more star guests.

Stereo Total - Carte postale de Montréal

The Berlin duo, known for their synth pop punk garage shindigs (these are the 4 adjectives we stuck to, but we could’ve plug at least 13 more in there) and their inspired covers will release a French-only album (they’ve been know to release French, German and English tracks) available everywhere in Canada, via Dare To Care Records. Aside from new Quebec classics, the album also features covers of tracks that even us francos have never heard before, classic French tracks from the band’s repertoire and unreleased or out of print French songs.