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Would Dare To Care be interested in releasing my album?
Usually, we’ll get in touch with the artists we want to work with. If you think your music fits with what we do, you can send an email to Eli Bissonnette pointing out where he can listen to your music online.

Note that three golden rules apply:

1. One email is enough. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. We truly hope this doesn’t sound too rude. We are not rude, just quite busy.

2. Unless we precisely ask you to do so, don’t send a CD through snail mail. Today’s technologies allow you to host MP3s for free on the Internet. All you have to do is to let us know where to find them. This way you save time and money, we save time, and we all spare Mother Nature! "Capice"?

3. Unless we precisely ask you to do so, don’t email us MP3s.

I’m planning a tour and I want to stop by Montréal, could you help promote my show?
Unfortunately, no. You’ll understand that we focus our efforts on Dare To Care Records’ artists.

I can’t find your records in my favorite record store. What can I do?
You can place a mail order! It’s easy, cheap and efficient. You will find everything you need in our store section above. You can also ask the record store to order our records from one of our distributors. Or even better: place a mail order for yourself and ask the record store to order our records for their shelves! We’ll forever be grateful.

I placed a mail order and I still haven’t received anything.
Usually, you should allow two to four weeks for delivery. If four weeks have gone by and you still haven’t received your order, then, and ONLY THEN, you can contact  Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon. She will take care of everything.

Can I join your mailing list?
Of course! Just click on "mailing list" in the above menu.

Do you have a street team I can be part of?
To be a part of our street team, simply click here and answer the questionnaire.

Can I have promotional copies of your albums for a review in my zine/blog/radio show/podcast/etc?
For all promotional inquiries, please contact Jane Murray.

I just read all the FAQs and I still have questions.
You can send an email to Laurie Boisvert. She’s very short, but oh so efficient.