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January 21, 2013

Dare To Care Records presents We Are Wolves' newest album, La Mort Pop Club. A primitive wave intertwining visual arts and music. More than a decade spent redefining the innovative aesthetics of analog occultism. Indescribable electric fields of post-punk adrenaline. Letting the textures scream. Superimpose layers of distortion to see clearly. Feeding on everything, spitting the essence. Battling darkness with neon lasers. For a contemporary perspective on danger. Rock in its natural habitat. A journey towards trance. Remembrance of death.

Their fourth album since Alexander Ortiz and Vincent Lévesque formed We Are Wolves at the beginning of the millennium, La Mort Pop Club confirms the tight relationship the band has formed with minimalism. It flirts with fuzzy garage-punk riffs, without putting aside their usual analog experimentation and melodic constructions. A new shade of black, somewhere between brutal and sensitive, built on the outskirts of death. 

Listen to the first single "As the moon sets" here.

La Mort Pop Club will be available in stores and online February 26th 2013. You can preorder your copy right now on Bandcamp or via our online store.