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Cœur de pirate / Cœur de pirate - ROSES

For Roses, Cœur de pirate has partnered with three brilliant producers : Björn Yttling, Rob Ellis and Ash Workman. Béatrice Martin’s meticulously crafted melodies are as resplendent as ever and will enrapture longtime fans once again. The singer fiercely explores coming-of-age themes that are at times painful. The lyrics are the reflection of a young woman bravely facing her fears. The final result is at once catchy and daring, dark and light, exhilarating and moving, romantic and epic. The English and the French songs combine to form Cœur de pirate’s most accomplished album to date. 

Liste des pistes

1. Carry On
2. Crier tout bas
3. I Don't Want to Break Your Heart
4. Drapeau blanc
5. Undone
6. Oceans Brawl
7. Our Love
8. Castaway
9. Tu oublieras mon nom
10. The Way Back Home
11. Oublie-moi (Carry On)
12. Can't Get Your Love
13. The Climb
14. Oceans Brawl