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Avec pas d’casque - EFFETS SPÉCIAUX

This shining new opus slowly unfolds in a space outside of time, like a pause between the past and the future. More emotional than cerebral, and more evocative than narrative, Effets spéciaux is an album you take in naturally, like a deep and mindful breath. Stéphane Lafleur’s minimalistic poetry and the band’s stripped-down music vibe off each other like never before. Mathieu Charbonneau’s keyboards and synthesizers enjoy a stronger presence, complementing the band’s familiar folk sound. Synthesized sounds highlight key moments in the music, tying everything together and bringing the
album its unique colour.

Clearly, Avec pas d’casque know how to pick their recording collaborators. Effets spéciaux features the likes of Simon Trottier (Timbre Timbre, Last Ex), Maxime Veilleux (Le Trouble, Cheval Fou), Benoit Paradis (Benoit Paradis Trio, Bernard Adamus), and Guillaume Bourque (Bernard Adamus, Sagapool). Artfully mixed by Sébastien Blais-Montpetit, these nine new compositions shine with all their ethereal light. Poised between wisdom and invention, Effets spéciaux is the logical culmination of the band’s decade-long creative journey.  

1. Autour
2. La peur de perdre
3. Il fait noir de bonne heure
4. Derviches tourneurs
5. Hu-hum
6. Audrey est plus forte que les camions
7. Les gloires du matin
8. Loup-garou
9. Nos corps (en ré bémol)