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Stereo Total - Baby Ouh!

Here comes “Baby Ouh!” with its own look: hysterical glamour. The sound: playful, experimental. The lyrics? R’n’r’: romantic and rebellious. Stereo Total recorded a total of 40 songs for this album. So, not to strain your nerves, only 17 will appear on the album. Also included are a few cover versions of Stereo Total’s idols (e.g. Brigitte Fontaine from France and Pedro Almodóvar from Spain). Additionally, many guest musicians contributed, real superstars in the Warholian sense: Gina d’Orio (Cobra Killer), Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof), Miss le Bomb, Becky Ofek (Boy from Brazil), Can “Khan“ Oral, Anton (Die Dreipunktbande), Albrecht Kühner (Das Barock-Orchester), Irma and Lou Schiller (Der Kinderchor/The Childrens Choir) – their mother gave them permission – and even more star guests.

Liste des pistes

1. Hello Ladies
2. Alaska
3. Divine’s Handbag
4. Andy Warhol
5. Barbe à papa
6. No Controles
7. Du Bist Gut Zu Vögeln
8. I Wanna Be A Mama
9. Babyboom Ohne Mich
10. Lady Dandy
11. Illégal
12. Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wär
13. Tour de France
14. Larmes de métal
15. Elles te bottent mes bottes?
16. Baby Ouh
17. Violent Love