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Stereo Total - Carte postale de Montréal

The Berlin duo, known for their synth pop punk garage shindigs (these are the 4 adjectives we stuck to, but we could’ve plug at least 13 more in there) and their inspired covers will release a French-only album (they’ve been know to release French, German and English tracks) available everywhere in Canada, via Dare To Care Records. Aside from new Quebec classics, the album also features covers of tracks that even us francos have never heard before, classic French tracks from the band’s repertoire and unreleased or out of print French songs.

Liste des pistes

1. L’amour à trois
2. Illégal
3. Les chansons d’A
4. Superlady
5. C’est la mort
6. Comme un garçon
7. Nationale 7
8. Cosmonaute
9. Musique automatique
10. Relaxe baby be cool
11. Larmes de métal
12. Lolita fantôme
13. Je rêve encore de toi
14. Supergirl
15. Carte postale
16. Tu peux conduire ma bagnole
17. Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais