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Cœur de pirate / Cœur de pirate - Child of Light

Cœur de pirate composed the original soundtrack for the videogame Child of Light, created by Ubisoft Montreal. 
To fit the mystical atmosphere of the game, Cœur de Pirate composed an intimate and nostalgic soundtrack that becomes magical with each of Aurora’s adventures. With the support of The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal-based artist was also able to recreate the epic and operatic ambiance of in-game fight sequences.

Liste des pistes

1. Pilgrims on a Long Journal
2. Aurora's Theme
3. Magan's Heart
4. Jupiter's Lightning
5. Final Breath
6. Patches of Sky
7. Dark Creatures
8. Little Girl, Gen
9. Bolmus Populi
10. Leave Your Castle
11. Metal Gleamed in the Twilight
12. Funeral Dirge
13. Down to a Dusty Plain
14. Woods Darker than Night
15. Path of the Eclipse
16. Hymn of Light
17. Victory
18. Off to Sleep