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The Couch Addiction / Yesterday’s Ring - DTC Split Series Vol. 1

"Dare To Care Split Series Vol. 1" - CD - DTC took Montreal’s favorites in 2 very different genres of music and put them together on one great split CD! Who would’ve thought that ska punk and acoustic folk punk would’ve blended so well?

Liste des pistes

The Couch Addiction
1. Homeless
2. Cruise Control
3. Social Pressure
4. Last Ride
5. Alone
6. No Borders

Yesterday’s Ring
7. Une Coupe De Cheveux Pis Des Souliers
8. A Last Word For A Dead Genius
9. This Broken Window Is Bought To You By Molson X
10. Let’s Ride Our Bikes To Our Next Dream
11. An Evening At Montreal’s Worst Bar With Montreal’s Nicest People (Or Should I Say Real People)