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Artistes variés - Hopes & Ropes

"Quebec’s heaviest drop the early Neurosis influence they displayed on their second record but retain the panoramic vision, which hits epic proportions here (think early Isis). Expertly recorded by Montreal’s Howard Bilerman (The Arcade Fire), every drum wallop and razor-sharp riff brutalizes, with larynx-shredding vocals hidden comfortably underneath the assault. They squeeze a lot of movements and dynamics into each of these six songs, with riffs left to travel wherever they choose, but always coming home to roost when it matters. The ten-minute opener "Hopes" alone is worth the price of admission here." 8.5/10 (Johnson Cummins)

Liste des pistes

1. Hopes
2. Demons
3. The Omen
4. Thorns
5. The Hunt
6. Ropes