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Kandle - In Flames

Co-produced by Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene) and Neil Osborne (54-40), In Flames has a dark, etherial consciousness. Her voice, songwriting, and instrumentation will have you pressing repeat so you can return to her haunting vocals, insightful lyrics, and spooky melodies.

In Flames features a powerful collaboration with Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene) and impressive cameos by Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate) and Sam Roberts, who commented: “Kandle writes songs with a directness and an honesty few are brave enough to attempt - and she has the voice to drive the stake home.”

Liste des pistes

1. So Bad
2. Demon
3. Gimme a Pill
4. Oh Great
5. Control Me
6. Protector
7. Baby
8. Winter
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Not Up to Me
11. In Flames
12. Bottom Of Blue (Bonus)
13. Toys (Bonus)