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Pawa Up First - Introducing New Details

Pawa Up First are coming back in force with a follow up to « The Scenario ». « Introducing New Details », the name of that new full length, is the fruit of months of hard labor in order to polish this multi facet gem, a true cinematographic alchemy of indie rock, jazz, hip hop, dub and electro. Various collaborations with Seba (Gatineau, Ghislain Poirier), Dshade (Shades of Culture) and Belle come enhance the cinematic compositions of the quintet.

Liste des pistes

1. Inuit Wedding
2. Broadcast
3. Detour
4. Big Freeze
5. Goodbye Pluto
6. Cycles
7. J’garde ça Réal
8. The Hippocampus Theory
9. Ambivalence
10. Mixed Blessings
11. The Still Point
12. Bridges