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We Are Wolves - Invisible Violence

"There’s a precise moment during Invisible Violence, the latest album from local lupine electro-lovers We Are Wolves, that signals a surprising and welcome evolution beyond their typically reliable barrage of krautrock and dance punk. At 3:25 into “Walking Commotion,” the album’s third track, an acoustic guitar and string section grace what, up until that point, was a recognizably thumping We Are Wolves tune blending aggressive synths and shouted vocals.

It’s atypical of their previous work, yet feels completely logical given the band’s development following their 2007 sophomore breakthrough, Total Magique. (...) [They] credit co-producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh with pushing the band to embrace new sonic textures, resulting in a third album with considerable nuance—an important development given the energetic and brutish dance rock the group had been known for previously. Recording under fewer time constraints over two months this summer, as opposed to "Total Magique"’s inconsistent schedule, might have also given them more leeway to refresh their sound on "Invisible Violence".

It’s been 10 years since the trio casually began noodling around with making music as a means of decompressing between their university studies. The group has been adding influences to their stylistic jumble since then, and although "Invisible Violence" retains their original punk spirit, they’ve managed to incorporate more textures, especially arpeggios, this time around." (Montreal Mirror)

Liste des pistes

1. Paloma
2. Holding Hands
3. Walking Commotion
4. Dreams
5. Vague
6. Reaching For The Sky
7. Me As Ennemy
8. Blue
9. Near Fear
10. La Rue Oblique
11. The Spectacle Of Night
12. Bounty Waterfalls