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Pawa Up First - Missing Time

MISSING TIME refers to a gap in conscious memory relating to a specific period in time, experienced by people who've had close encounters with UFOs and abduction phenomenons. It is also the name of Pawa Up First's 4th album and the connection could not be more appropriate. After setting up in a summer cottage to record, series of mysterious events and sightings pushed the four members of Pawa to reconsider their material and forced them to rewrite the entire album. The 11 tracks on 'Missing Time' are the result of a profound bonding between all 4 musicians through the realization of an imminent presence of life outside our own world. Therefore, traces of psychedelia, electro, shoegaze and whatnot are all elements that have emerged of those sessions in the woods and added to Pawa's known cinematic atmospheres. Listen to the music and surrender to the idea that we are not alone.

Liste des pistes

1. Signal Beat
3. Visitors 
5. The Listeners 
6. Qualia 
7. Charlotte
8. Teru Teru Bozu
9. Under a Blinding Beam of Light
10. Time Slip
11. Aqua