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Sevens Project - Sevens Project

Drawing from the talents of five different songwriters, the album is a unique and powerful collaboration that incorporates compositional influences from the new avant-garde, tape loops and phasing music, and cinematic sound-tracks with the drive, energy and passion of a rock band. Sevens Project has produced an organic sounding record that defies simple categorization. The warmth of acoustic guitars, lush string ensembles, horn sections, vocal choirs and a Dixieland band are processed with the sonic edge and precision of studio manipulation. Thundering drums, jarring electronics and earsplitting guitars provide the backdrop for gorgeous arrangements and ambient treatments and playful orchestration.

Liste des pistes

1. Sevens
2. National Lullaby
3. Elegant Hot Dog
4. Bicameral Breakdown
5. Static
6. She Imagined Imposing Castles
7. Haleiya
8. How Were They Supposed to Know
9. Flood
10. Hope