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Socalled - Sleepover

Few artists can add musician, producer, composer, arranger, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist, and magician to their resume, but Socalled clearly doesn’t subscribe to limits; take his international supporting cast of no less than THIRTY-FOUR contributing musicians on this latest release. Ranging from rap pioneer Roxanne Shante, the beautiful voice of Katie Moore, dynamo musician and producer Chilly Gonzales, king of calypso The Mighty Sparrow, 95 year-old pianist Irving Fields, funk trombone god Fred Wesley, just to name a few.

Liste des pistes

2. Work With What You Got
3. Springhill Mine Disaster
4. Richi
5. Kid Again
6. Beautiful
7. Told Me So
8. (Oh No There’s) No More Snow
9. Silent Treatment
10. Sleepover
11. Richi (Irving Fields Remix)
12. Richi (Derrick Carter Remix)