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Socalled - Peoplewatching

Socalled is back! The singer-songwriter-producer-rapper-magician returns with a fifth collection of songs: Peoplewatching! People Watching will be available on April 28th on CD and digital, and a vinyl version will also be available soon. ‘Til then, you can listen to the first single "Boyfriend Material" right now, courtesy of Dare To Care Records!

Peoplewatching crossbreeds soul, rigodon, cabaret, jazz-fusion, klezmer and electro with a universal pop core. Continuing a musical mission that began over 10 years ago, People Watching is the work of an older, wiser, more experienced and tonic, at-the-top-of-his-game Socalled. Kicking beats to power stories about booty calls, breakups, the fire next door, a magic forest (a condensed rapped version of his musical The Season!) and Genghis Khan 2.0, which he tells through a keen and spirited filter.

On Peoplewatching, Josh “Socalled” is joined by his "regular" Montreal-based crew of Katie Moore, Patrice Agbokou, JS Williams and Michael Felber. True to his habits, he also invited a cavalcade of superstar musical voices including dancehall legend Josey Wales, James Brown sideman and Parliament-Funkadelic musician Fred Wesley, Quebecois folk-god Yves Lambert, legend-in-the-making Punjabi singer Kamal Chamkila, jazz great Oliver Jones, DJ's Rob Swift and Mista Sinista, and many others. And, for the first time in his 10+ year long career, he goes intimate and solo on a song, in the contemplative and touching piano/voice Hutchison St.

Mining the rich musical past of the Eastern European cultures, Socalled combines voices, rhythms, melodies, cultures, languages, technologies and grooves that translate the euphoria of being part of the mix, part of the gang. Hands in the air, hips against hips, the more smiles the better, all of which you’ll assess at the following release parties, where you’ll be part of the gang too, watching People Watching people: 

05/14/2015, Fairmount Theater, Montreal. Buy here. 
05/08/2015, Le Cercle, Quebec. Buy here.

Liste des pistes

1. Everyone Else must Fail
2. Boyfriend Material
3. Peoplewatching
4. Never See You Again
5. Bootycaller
6. Dreamin'
7. Extra Ordinary
8. Fire on Hutchison Street
9. The Season Rap Mix
10. Curried Soul 2.0