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Socalled - Tales from Odessa
Tales from Odessa doubles as the soundtrack for the Yiddish musical comedy of the same name, also written by Socalled. The artist and Dare to Care wish to thank the Segal Centre and the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre for contributing to the unique musical experience at the core of this album.

Inspired by the stories of famous writer Isaak Babel, this visionary work of art from Socalled takes us back to the obscure but lively world of Odessa during the last days of the Russian Empire. At that time, the mob boss Benya “The King” Krik rules the very animated Jewish neighborhood of Moldavanka. By recounting this anti-hero’s dirty tricks and his rise to power, this musical story transports the audience to a forgotten world filled with smugglers and gangsters, and where the dreams of one man reflect the emancipation of an entire population.