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Lake Of Stew - Sweet As Pie

The six-piece Lake of Stew recorded their sophomore effort with legendary award-winning producer Ken Whiteley, who has worked on over 125 productions throughout his career, collaborating with bands who’s musical styles range from folk and swing, to blues, gospel and children’s music (Raffi, Sharon, Lois & Bram.) Somehow, Lake of Stew can actually fit into every one of these categories, having filtered their previous pop, jazz, indie or rock ‘n’ roll references through jug band, vocal, gospel and old time folk music.

Lake of Stew aren’t revivalists, really. They simply use the traditional way of making music to have an immediate connection with the crowd, who are encouraged to learn the lyrics and serve as amplifiers. Go to their shows and be part of it.

Liste des pistes

1. Sweet as Pie
2. Wait for Your Knock
3. Hey Bully
4. Such is Life
5. Jimmy Runs Fast
6. Through the Wires
7. On the Porch
8. Pretty Sarah
9. Sit Down on It
10. Darlin’ Starlin’
11. Lone Black Fly
12. Ride the Bear
13. Mean Shakin’ Mama
14. Oh My