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Socalled - The Season

Socalled's new album The Season is the original cast recording of the musical "The Season" composed by Josh "Socalled" Dolgin. The performance which happened one time at POP Montreal in the fall of 2011 was a puppet-heavy indie musical fable for the 21st century, featuring some of Montreal's finest dancers, musicians, singers, actors and artists including Katie Moore, Yves Lambert, the Narcysist, Joe Cobden & Richy Ly, in an original, genre-bustin', one-night-only production. The story is about a close-knit crew of forest animals as they prepare for winter and the oncoming hunting season and are faced with a new threat: an infestation of aliens from another planet. A forbidden love develops between Bear, a bear, and Tina, a feisty, fiery, helpful little red furry thing from beyond the stars. Will their love survive? Listen to the album which features all the original voices along with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra's harpist Jennifer Swartz, the string quartet The Warhol Dervish, drummer Jamie Thompson and bassist Patrice Agbokou. The overture was orchestrated by original JB Fred Wesley and the album was recorded by Grammy award winner Mark Lawson at Arcade Fire's Petite Église studio in Farnham, Quebec. The album artwork was hand painted by Socalled himself, so prepare yourself for a Socalledmusical experience like no other! 

Liste des pistes

1. The Season Overture
2. The Season Theme
3. Shooting Star
4. Tina's Theme
5. Chippin' in
6. Meteor Shower
7. Bear And Tina's Ballet
8. Ekh! Onomics
9. Second Act Overture
10. Work Hard (At What Comes Easy)
11. Baskatong Song
12. Together (Alone)
13. What Does It All Mean
14. What Does It All Mean (Strings Only)