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The Last Assassins - The Last Assassins

Poetical texts on a dirty and sexy rock’n’roll to resist to the mass formatting.

Two poets (Mathieu Leclerc and Virginia Tangvald) and a guitarist (Jean Leloup) got together and became The Last Assassins. This multidisciplinary artistic collective was accidently born during the summer of 2010 while the trio were creating the soundtrack of the movie Karaoke Dream, written and directed by Jean Leloup. The jam sessions were quickly multiplied, and it became clear: these songs had to live by themselves.

Liste des pistes

1. Welcome
2. Dead Birds
3. The Wheel
4. On the Take
5. Winter
6. Bad Crystal
7. Ecstasy
8. Rodeo Girl
9. For Anyone
10. Minerals
11. If You Do It Again
12. Invisible Time
13. Nobody Buys Diamonds Anymore