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We Are Wolves - Total magique

"Two years after the great Non-Stop... the dance-punk trio goes delirious on Total magique. Same raw energy on this album than on its previous but we find maturity behind those diabolic rhythms and the singer Alexander Ortiz’ incantations. The production is polish but keeps the soft craziness of the trio. For those who aren’t familiar with the wolf pack, you will be bewitch if you’re fan of The Rapture or Crystal Castles" ICI

Liste des pistes

1. Fight and Kiss
2. Magique
3. Some Words
4. Coconut Night
5. I Wrote Your Name On My Kite
6. Vietnam
7. Walk Away Walk
8. So Nice, So Cold
9. Psychic Kids
10. Teenage Bats & Anthropology
11. Vamos A La Playa
12. The Piper
13. Total solide