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Cœur de pirate / Cœur de pirate - Trauma

For the upcoming season of Trauma, Béatrice Martin, also known as Cœur de pirate, will be at the center of the show’s musical atmosphere. A new album, which can be pre-ordered now, will hit the stores on January 14, 2014 and a France release will follow on January 27. It will consist of 12 covers, all from anglophone hits.

As she had done with Ariane Moffatt, Pascale Picard, and Martha Wainwright in previous seasons, Fabienne Larouche collaborated with Cœur de pirate to create the musical atmosphere of the show’s fifth season, which will air on Radio-Canada in winter 2014. The resulting soundtrack is a multifaceted selection of covers from both the past (Kenny Rogers, The Rolling Stones, Nancy Sinatra) and the present (Amy Winehouse, The Libertines, Bon Iver), even featuring covers of Quebec hits (Patrick Watson, Les sœurs McGarrigle).

The soundtrack is scheduled to hit the stores on January 14, 2014, the day before the fifth season of Trauma will premiere on Radio-Canada. 

Liste des pistes

1. Ain't No Sunshine
2. Heartbeats Accelerating
3. Summer Wine
4. You Know I'm No Good
5. Music When The Lights Go Out
6. Last Kiss
7. Lucille
8. Slow Show
9. Bottom Of The World
10. Dead Flowers
11. The Great Escape
12. Flume