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3 mai 2016

Kandle dévoile aujourd’hui son plus récent clip pour la chanson «Gimme a pill». Tiré de l’album In Flames paru il y a deux ans, «Gimme a pill» relate le combat des personnes vivant avec des douleurs chroniques: "Living with chronic pain is the biggest challenge in my life. As much as I fight to stay positive and to pursue traditional and alternative treatments for my pain, some days I still can't find the strength to get out of bed or have to cancel a show and go to the hospital. My condition at times consumes me and the mixture of medications that I've come to rely on erodes me instead. But I refuse to drown in self pity and instead I choose to create art out of my situation and show a representation of what it's like for all of us being held back by pain. My best pal Maya Fuhr brought to life a beautiful little video for us of 'A day in the life' trying to escape from the struggle and fighting to be free!"

Kandle sera en spectacle le 5 mai prochain au Katacombes dans le cadre du festival Anachronik, réservez vos billets ici.