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Avec pas d’casque

Avec pas d’casque’s first « real » full length is finally out. « One of Quebec’s outfit to watch » according to Malajube, Avec pas d’casque is a lo-fi guitar and drums duo. Loved for their crafty style. Hated for the same reason.
Their first diy album/demo, which was only available during their shows, sold close to 500 copies and without any proper promotion, some of their songs managed to chart on Montreal’s college radios. With their amazing independent debut, we can only predict a great year for the duo now that they have Dare To Care Records and Outside Distribution backing them. 
Within their two years of existence, Avec pas d’casque shared the scene with the likes of Malajube, Yesterday’s Ring, La Descente Du Coude, Moussette, Jimmy Hunt and Le truc ensemble and participated to many festivals including Coup de Cœur Francophone, Pop Montreal, the Festival International de Musiques Incroyables and the Festival du Film Court de Victoriaville to name only those.
Definitely more stripped down than their first effort, Trois chaudières de sang is more representative of the band on stage.
A delight for country-folk fans!

Stéphane Lafleur: Guitar, vocals, bass, slide, chair noises, flute, a bit of drums, maracas, metallophone
Joël Vaudreuil: Drums, vocals, kick in the arse, banjo, trombone, one well placed guitar chord, maracas
Nicolas Moussette: Guitar, slide, bass, synths, percussions




Press: Justine A.-Lebrun
Radio: Myriam Lefebvre
Booking: Sonia Bergeron
Publishing: Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon


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