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Mingo L’Indien began working with sounds in his early teens. Fascinated by noise and non-functional music, he studied electroacoustics at Université de Montréal, where he met Poney P, Bobo Boutin, and Toundra La Louve. Together, they founded the petrochemical rock outfit Les Georges Leningrad. After releasing a few records and touring for several years, the band members decided to call it quits and pursue other projects. Mingo moved on to composing music for artist performances and films. He also founded the group Quatro and relentlessly recorded songs in his cave, with the intention of bringing them out into the world someday.
Nunu Métal discovered her penchant for music at an early age, during a Christmas party. As a child, she was fascinated by the organ in the living room of her family’s country house. She gave her first public performances on piano and keyboards at community events, such as midnight masses and bowl-a-thons. She took part in the production of several plays and spent a great deal of her time writing poetry. She began working on independent films at Concordia University and also worked in the archives of the Cinémathèque québécoise. She has released several art videos and short films. She met Mingo L’Indien in Val-d’Or. After crossing La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, the two founded Ellemetue in Montréal. Nunu began composing her own melodies and created the band’s visual universe.

Drawing inspiration from an intriguing mix of experimental electronic music, surrealistic narratives, and esoteric prophecies, the music of Ellemetue (Mingo L’Indien & Nunu Métal) rings out like a wild cry from the murky depths of an imaginary swamp.

Mingo L’Indien’s impromptu guitar playing accompanies Nunu Métal’s unreasonable chords. This unexpected instrumentation is joined by apocalyptic choirs, brass from beyond, and strings of despair. The lyrics find their footing by connecting to the force of gravity.

Each performance is like the soundtrack of a mobile cinema, at a crossroads between composition and improvisation.

A pilgrimage to distant lands.

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Ellemetue - En pays lointains

En pays lointains, the latest offering from Mingo L’Indien (Les Georges Leningrad) and Nunu Métal (visual artist), is a concept album that follows a narrative—albeit an unpredictable and illogical one. It is a reflection on the writings of early explorers and on the conquest of inhabitable planets. The story is told as if read from a diary. Introspective and descriptive, En pays lointains expresses a sense of being torn between conflicting emotions.
This sophomore release goes off on more exploratory tangents compared to its predecessor, Rare à l’état naturel. Surrealism, MIDI choirs and analogue synthesizers remain, but En pays lointains clearly takes the listener elsewhere, as evidenced by the presence of Hammond L‑102 and Yamaha YC‑30 organs, upright and prepared piano, and a penchant for noise and electroacoustics. It is obvious that improvisation is crucial at every step of the duo’s creative process. The album also has a strong cinematic quality, conjuring vivid images in the mind of the listener. Some may hear influences such as Jean-Claude Vannier, the gloomy atmosphere of La Perversita (Hector Zazou), and a touch of prog à la Lard Free.