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Ellemetue - En pays lointains
En pays lointains, the latest offering from Mingo L’Indien (Les Georges Leningrad) and Nunu Métal (visual artist), is a concept album that follows a narrative—albeit an unpredictable and illogical one. It is a reflection on the writings of early explorers and on the conquest of inhabitable planets. The story is told as if read from a diary. Introspective and descriptive, En pays lointains expresses a sense of being torn between conflicting emotions.
This sophomore release goes off on more exploratory tangents compared to its predecessor, Rare à l’état naturel. Surrealism, MIDI choirs and analogue synthesizers remain, but En pays lointains clearly takes the listener elsewhere, as evidenced by the presence of Hammond L‑102 and Yamaha YC‑30 organs, upright and prepared piano, and a penchant for noise and electroacoustics. It is obvious that improvisation is crucial at every step of the duo’s creative process. The album also has a strong cinematic quality, conjuring vivid images in the mind of the listener. Some may hear influences such as Jean-Claude Vannier, the gloomy atmosphere of La Perversita (Hector Zazou), and a touch of prog à la Lard Free.
1. Les pays lointains
2. Renaissance
3. Et les images disparaissent
4. Carte d'or
4. Initiation
5. Métamorphose
6. Chemins de misère
7. Les deux têtes
8. Prison de pierre
9. Délire difforme