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The Sainte Catherines - The Art Of Arrogance

Long awaited new recording by this Montreal 6 piece punk rock force. Jawbreaker meets At-The-Drive-In in a Montreal basement filled with friends and beer! Brutal and catchy, how can these guys pull it off!?!?!?

1. Va Donc Chier
2. Expensive Cars Chroming All-Star Team
3. D Is The Key To Open Heart Surgery
4. It’s All About Ja Rule Baby
5. No Pads, No Helmets... JUST A BUNCH OF DICKS
6. Fuck Me With A Bag Over My Head
7. Faux-Marxist Anarcho-Punks Anthem
8. Broken Art For Expensive Hearts
9. I Can’t Have Sex All The Time
10. Le Funk C’est Toujours Winner!
11. South Central Family Reprezent... Fuckers